Weather Issues

High winds can blow trees down, which blocks footpaths and car parks. We will indicate if there is a problem that we know about, but there is no guarantee that any walk is open as described. If you find an problem, please report it in the comments section.

The Walks

This site is about shorter walks, places that you can take your dog for an hour or two and enjoy the countryside. We are not about Munros and spending 9 hours climbing mountains, though there is nothing wrong with long hard walks. For these walks you might need a good pair of walking shoes, but not climbing boots and crampons.
What do I call a good walk? First, I need somewhere to park my car. Then I wanted a walk that is safe for Meche the terrier. No walking alongside roads for any distance and preferrably somewhere she could walk without needing to be on a lead. Then I like a convenient poo bin. I'm a responsible dog walker, but I'd rather not bring a full poo bag back with me in the car. An interesting walk is also nice, not just a walk over a field. We like woods and Meche especially liked splashing through streams chasing stones. A bonus is a cafe or pub where I can enjoy a well earned coffee or pint after the walk.

The walks can be accessed from either the drop down menus in the yellow buttons at the top of the screen, or from the images on the map below. On the maps, if you tap on the icon you will see an image of the walk. Click below the image and you can check the walk out. Use the zoom function to expand parts of the map as it covers a large area.

Slide through the images below to see all of the walks. Tap on any image and you will be taken into the page that describes the walk

Roslyn Glen
Sometimes muddy, but always beautiful walks in Roslyn Glen, near Edinburgh.

Tap or Click on the Icon to see a picture of each walk. Click below the picture to visit the walk page.


Each walk has a symbol list in the title that shows what facilities are avaliable. The symbols are

Cafe nearby
Pub nearby
Poo bins available
Toilets available
Wheelchair accessible
Historical buildings near the walk