The Location

Killandean Burn is just west of Livingston town centre.

What's there

An easy, disabled walk for most of its length, except for the very last stretch where the paths are narrow. This is a suprisingly rural walk, given that it is just 5 minutes drive from a town centre.

How to get there

For Satnav, the nearest postcode is EH54 7BL. This is for the Council Service centre on the other side of the burn.
I'm assuming you start from the entrance to Livingston Designer Centre in Almondvale Road, heading west. Head along to the College roundabout, the one with the four tall sculptures with globes and arrows on the top. Take the third exit on the left, signposted West Calder and Kirkton. Go straight on at the next two roundabouts, then turn right at the 'T' junction. Now take the second right, which is a small entrance just over the bridge, and into the car park. The first right before the bridge is for the post code above.

The Walk

This is a 'there and back again' walk. It is a perfect short walk if you are dropping the family off to shop at the designer centre and want to escape from the rigours of shopping and take the dog away for an hour or so. You can see a map of the route here.
From the car park, follow the path that goes under the road bridge, then along by the allotments and so right along the red cinder path until you come to a 'sheep enclosure' seat. Now keep to the left and follow the path, which should still be OK for a wheelchair, but is not quite so well maintained. Follow the path along by the river and past the SKY TV buildings until you reach a road. You could now turn back as the rest of the route is a bit more difficult, or you can carry on a bit further.

Dogs will need to be on a lead now for a short while until you get over the river. Keep to the left at the roadway, cross over the road at the pedestrian crossing, then cross over the river on the bridge. Just over the bridge you will see a pathway off to the right, just by the traffic light. Take this path and keep to the right and follow the path along by the stream. I've never been to the end of this path, no idea how far it goes, but it is a pretty country route. When you've had enough, turn back and retrace your route.

The well maintained cinder path


There seems to be little of historical interest on this walk, as is is mostly a new development, part of Livingston New Town. This was one of Scotland's five New Towns and was built after the 1946 New Towns act.
There is a misconception that Livingston is named after the famous African Explorer, but in fact Livingston Village is much older that that. A Saxon once lived here called Lev, and his descendants were the 'Levings'. Their settlement or tun was therefore called Levings toun, which over time became Livingston

Facilities on this Walk

none, but it's a 5 minute drive from the centre of Livingston

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