The Location

Cocklawburn Beach near Berwick on Tweed

What's there

A beach walk just south of Berwick-on-Tweed. The beach is rocky in places.

How to get there

Postcode for Satnav - TD15 2RJ. This is the postcode for the house by the beach
First, Cocklawburn beach is nowhere near Cocklawburn village, which is 20 miles further north in Scotland. There is a beach near there, and it has a page on this site.
There is a roundabout on top of the hill on the A1 just south of Berwick. Turn off here on the A1169, signposted 'Scremerston', and after about 200 yards, turn right, then left, both turns signpostred 'Pot-a-doodle-do'. Follow this road past the Pot-a-Doodle-Do campsite, then turn left for the beach. Follow this road over the railway crossing and down to the sea, then turn right and you will find a large car park on your left up a short rise.

The Walk

There is no map or description for this walk, just walk along the beach. If you head North, you will quickly come to a rocky cliff area where walking is difficult. Head South and the sandy beach stretches for miles, right down to Holy Island, with occasional ridges of rocks heading out to sea. There is one point, below a ruined Lime Kiln, where the rocks can be hard to get over at higher tides, but you can always take a detour by the dunes. Walking poles may be helpful for scrambling on rocks.

Cocklawburn Beach

About 340 million years ago this area was a tropical sea, and you might find the fossilised remains of some of the creatures that lived there in the rocks. The types of fossils that exist include fossilised tree roots and worm poo fossils - dogs won't be interested but children might. If you go fossil hunting by the cliffs at the North end of the beach, be aware of the tide, as it is possible to get cut off up there.

Facilities on this Walk

None on this walk

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Erin -       19/6/2022 12.52
Beautiful beach, nice and quiet, loads of space at low tide.