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The Location

A walk of about 2 miles along an old river Coquet esturary to Amble north pier, then back along the beach to the car park.

What's there

There is ample free parking, poo bins and public toilets above the beach. There are no real facilities down by the beach, but Warkworth village contains several pubs and cafes. The golf clubhouse right by the walk also advertises that it is open for food and drinks.
The path down from the car park is steep, and the route in general is not suitable for disabled access.

How to get there

Postcode for Satnav - NE65 0SW

Warkworth is near the coast approximately 30 miles north of Newcastle on Tyne. Travelling from the south, take the A1 north out of Newcastle and turn right for Felton. As you come into Felton, turn right on the B6345 and follow that road through Acklington, then at the end of Acklington village turn left on the Morwick road.
Travelling from the north, take the A1 south to Alnwick and turn off the A1 onto the A1068 at the Alnwick bypass. Follow this road past Alnmouth to Warkworth. The road to the beach is is on the right (heading north) just over the bridge as you leave Warkworth village. Follow this narrow road down, turn left at the 'T' junction and the car park is just on your right.

The Walk

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Starting from the car park, walk down the steep hill and over the flat area at the botttom, then turn right and take the trackway along the side of the old estuary. Follow this track right along to the end to Amble north pier. You will see Amble over the river Coquet, but there is no bridge over. The end of this trackway is often partially blocked by flotsam washed down the Coquet in the winter storms.
At the pier, walk back up the beach until you see a wooden post in the dunes with a lifebelt attached. The dunes initially form a quite high wall, and this post is more or less where the dunes drop down so you can climb them without a scramble. Take the pathway by the post into the dunes. The path is wide and well defined, and takes you back to the bottom of the hill by the car park.
This is a suggested walk. Of course, you can go straight onto the beach instead of going round by the estuary, and you can walk beach in the other direction, right as far as the Aln estuary opposite Alnmouth.

The old Warkworth harbour


The history of Warkworth village is described in the Warkworth Village walk. At present, the River Coquet reaches the sea a little more than a mile south of Warkworth at the port of Amble. The river used to reach the sea near Warkworth until its course was changed by heavy rains and storms in 1764. Andrew Armstrong's map of Northumberland, published in 1769 shows the old course of the river heading south of the current course, then doubling back northwards and reaching the sea at the start of this walk. You can see evidence of the old river bed in the ponds and reed beds today.

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