The Location

A medium walk of about 3 miles in Tosson Woods, just south of Rothbury.

What's there

Forests, moors, an old fortified tower, but no facilities.

How to get there

Postcode for Satnav - NE65 7NW. This is for Great Tosson farm, you drive uphill from here to the car park.
From Rothbury take the B6342 south (signposted for the Hospital in the town). Follow this road over the bridge and to the right, then drive past the village car park and uphill to a 'T' junction. Turn right and follow this road for a couple of miles, until you see a left turn signposted Great Tosson, Lordenshaws. Take this road and as you go into Great Tosson (I don't make these names up!), take the narrow road on the left that doubles back on itself. Follow this road for about half a mile and you will see the unmarked car park entrance on your right, shortly after you reach the forest.

The Walk

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Head for the car park notice board, then take the red forestry road that goes behind it. Walk uphill on this trackway, following the red route through the trees, until you see a craggy, open area above you on your left. The area on your left is fenced off to protect young trees. At the end of this fence (on your left), you will see a pathway on your right heading downhill, marked as a public footpath. If you reach the point where the red route leaves the trackway and heads up into the crag, you have gone a little too far, and you should see the path about 100 yards back on the track.

Follow this path down hill, it is narrow and quite steep in places, but reasonably easy to follow. At the bottom of the wood, turn right, then on the left you will see a gateway, where the public path goes into a field. (You can go straight on here and get back to the car park through the woods). Walk down through the fields, passing the ramparts of a hill fort on your left, down to Great Tosson. At the very bottom, you appear to be walking through someone's garden, but it is clearly marked as a footpath.
Turn right, walk through Great Tosson, and as you pass the ruined Bastle called Tosson Tower, you will see the road leading uphill, and back to the car park.

The view from the top of the Beacon


Tosson Tower is a fortified farmhouse or 'Bastle' built in medieval times to protect against Scottish raiders. The walls are nearly 2 metres thick, though most of the facing stones have ben robbed for building elsewhere.

Facilities on this Walk

None, just a good walk with magnificent views.

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