The Location

An old railway walk, just on the outskirts of Alnwick.

What's there

The walk starts by a ford over Rugley burn, but you could easily start in Alnwick itself. The walk itself has no facilities, other than woods, a small stream and an old railwayline. The walkway is quite easy, but you might find cows in the field on a short stretch of the old railway, and cows and dogs do not mix well.

How to get there

For Satnav, the postcode for Rugley House is NE66 2AQ. The ford is just below this farm.
Coming up the A1 from the South, about 5 miles north of Felton, take the left turn signposted Whittingham, follow this road for about a mile, then take a right turn halfway up a hill. Caution is needed now as this is a narrow road. Follow this road past Rugley House and downhill, where you will see parking for a couple of cars on the right before a ford. If these spots are occupied, there is parking for another car on the left up the hill past the ford.
Coming from Alnwick, head out of town up the Rothbury road, then just at the top of the hill you will see a left hand turn, which is unsigned, except it does say 'Unsuitable for HGVs'. Follow this road for about 2 miles until it descends down to the ford mentioned above.
Walking from Alnwick, the easiest way seems to be to follow the road above the new high school, and at the end of this road there is a path that takes you onto the railway. You will then need to check out the accompanying map, and join the walk at the ruined farm buildings mentioned below.

The Walk

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Head on the road uphill from the ford, away from Alnwick, until you reach an old railway bridge. Take the path on the right, just after the bridge. This path leads you down onto the railway track. Follow the railway track back towards Alnwick (the other direction is impassable; overgrown in summer, flooded in winter). After almost a mile, you will see a fence with a gate over the railway, with a footpath heading off to the left. At this gateway, check the way ahead carefully, as there may be cows in the field on the right, and there is nothing to stop them coming onto the railway path. If the way is not clear, take the left path and cut your walk in half. Dogs and cows do not mix very well.
Otherwise, continue along the railway path and after another 200 yards or so you come to another gate. continue past this gate, then shortly the path climbs the railway embankment to the right. Continue through the field above the railway, until you see a ruined farm on your left (it was there in 2021, it might be demolished soon, the way Alnwick is expanding to the south). Turn left here and follow the path over the railway track, through a small gate then up by the pathway round the farm buildings.

Follow this path up the hill until you reach another pathway crossing it. Turn left and follow this path to Alnwick golf course. Walk on the marked path over the golf course, watching out for flying balls, then down back to the railway track. Retrace your steps back to the gateway where you checked for cows, then turn right and follow a path by the fields, right up to the Rugley road. Turn left and follow the road along, then down to the ford and back to your car.

The ford at Rugley burn


This old railway line was built in the 18th century, and ran from Alnwick to the Scottish border at Cornhill. However it was never really successful and closed down completely in 1948.

Facilities on this Walk

None, but Alnwick is very close

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RT -       22/4/2023 22.32
Please could you include the distance of this walk

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This is quite a short walk, just over a mile each way, or about 3km in total