The Location

A Walk round Rock Estate, near Alnwick.

What's there

A walk along an old farm lonnen on good tracks, then through woods and by fields on narrow paths. Starting and ending in a very picturesque Northumbrian village.
Poo bins on route. The initial route up the lonnen could be disabled friendly, if you can get under the barrier. There are no stiles or narrow gates on route.

How to get there

Postcode for Satnav - NE66 3SD
Heading north up the AI, bypass Alnwick, then about 400 yards past the end of the new road you will see a right hand turn signposted 'Seahouses' and 'Rock' on the B6347.
Headintg south, you reach a small section of dual-carriageway at Brownieside, about 6 miles north of Alnwick. About a mile past, you will see the B6347 on your left, signposted 'Seahouses' and 'Rock'.
Follow the B6347 for about a mile until you come to a right hand turn signposted 'Rock', 'Rennington'. Turn here and after about another mile you come to Rock village. Just on your right, you will see a signpost for 'Farm Trail Parking'.

The Walk

Click here to see a detailed routemap of the walk. The walk will open in a new tab. The pathway is also well signposted by Rock Estates.

Go back out from the car parking area and turn left past the school. Walk along until you come to a sign for Lady Well house, where the roadway forks. Take the right fork up the farm track and past the yellow barrier. There is a boggy path to the right of the barrier, but the barrier is also quite high and easy to get under. Walk right up this tree lined farm track, or lonnen as these tracks are called locally. After about a mile the main trackway turns left, just before Rock Midstead farm, and runs along the top of a field.
Take this track until you come to the wood at the end of the field, then turn left into the footpath in the wood. This path runs along the top of the wood, then down the far side to an old lime kiln. Now the path goes into the wood, running by a large pond, until it comes back to the other side of the wood. Then it runs alongside a ditch, and finally exits the wood at a field. The path continues by the side of two fields, then reaches another wood. Continue through this wood until you finally exit beside Rock Hall. The path now runs over a short field, then finds a roadway by the stone bridge above the village pond.
Cross over the stone bridge and around the church. As you reach the church door on your right, you will see a lane on your left that leads back to your car.

The entrance to the field

Rock Hall

Rock is an historic estate village, originally granted to William de Rok by the Norman king Henry III. The church is the oldest building in the village, the west door could date from the 11th century. The original Hall was built in the 12th or 13th centuries and incorporates a tower house, built to defend from Scots invaders.
The lonnen on the first part of the walk was once a grand entrance to the hall, running from the old A1. You can almost imagine the gentry riding up to the hall in their carriages.

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