The Location

A walk of approximately 4 miles through a forest from the outskirts of Hexham to the Devil's Water

What's there

Forest paths leading to a small river, and lots of anthills! No facilities, but the walk is on the outskirts of Hexham. The route is not disabled friendly, but should be safe and suitable for all sizes of dogs.

How to get there

Postcode for Satnav - NE46 1UH - This is the post code for the Hubsta Charging Station, just beside the parking area.
Hexham is just off the A69, the Newcastle to Carlisle road. From the centre of Hexham, take the A695 Corbridge Road, east out of town. At the very edge of town, you will see a large layby on the right. Park here, but note that the layby is one way, and the entrance is the furthest side from Hexham.

The Walk

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Take the path that heads uphill at the end of the layby nearest Hexham. This path quickly leaves the town and heads up into a forest. Continue to follow the main path uphill, and over the top. After almost a mile the path comes to a 'T' junction. Turn left then sharp right and follow the main path, which narrows as it heads deeper into the forest. After a while you will see a bycycle jump, with a diversion path to the left.
This path eventually comes to another 'T' junction, at the edge of the drop down to the Devil's Water. Turn left and follow the path above the river and down, until you come to the point where the banks are low enough for you to get to the river by a gravel bed, a favourite place for dogs to play in the water.

Now head back up to the pathway in the trees, and to the edge of a field. Keep to the left of the field and find a trackway heading back up into the trees. Follow this track up and keep left at the top. You will see the original path is blocked by a fallen tree, and there is a diversion around a mound to the left. Take a good look at this mound, and you will see that it is an enormous ant hill. Follow this path along, noticing several more big anthills in the trees, and you eventually come back to the main path, just beside the bicycle jump. Turn left and head back up and down hill to your car.

Gravel beds by the Devil's Water

Facilities on this Walk

poo bins available

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