The Location

Newbiggin by the Sea is a village on the coast by Ashington.

What's there

The first part of the walk is easy and disabled friendly. Dogs may not be allowed on the nearer beach in the summer months, but they are at the other side of the bay. Once the walk leaves the promenade, the paths are narrow and run along the top of dangerous cliffs.
Newbiggin has shops, pubs, cafes, a museum and an excellent ice cream parlour!

How to get there

Postcode for Satnav - NE64 6DB. This for the Martime Museum, beside the corner of the car park.
Take the A189 spine road from Newcastle, past Cramlington and Blyth, until you see a large roundabout with the turn off for Newbiggin on the right. Turn here and follow the road right through Newbiggin to the far end, where the road splits, left side goes to a caravan park, right side to a large car park by the beach.

Coming from the A1, turn off just north of Morpeth, signposted A197, Ashington and Morpeth. At the roundabout for Morpeth, follow the A197 for Ashington and follow this road right round the northern edge of Ashington until you reach the spine road. Turn right, then left at the next roundabout into Newbiggin. .

The Walk

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Head down to the shore from the car park, turn left and walk along the promenade (or along the beach if the tide is out and dogs are allowed). At the end of the prom the path goes up hill then over to a small play park (if you were on the beach, take the path up shortly before the rocks, as the hill at the end of the beach is too steep to climb). At this point there is no path near the sea, as the cliffs are eroded right up to the houses, and the beach is impassable as it is covered in large rocks, intended to stop any more erosion. So, take the narrow pathway back from the sea, that runs in front of the houses and stone masons yard.

This path eventually brings you out on top of the sandstone cliffs. Keep off the cliff edge, as the cliffs are high and crumbly. Follow the path along towards the caravan park, including the diversion on the field edge. About 200 yards along past the caravans, the official pathway goes through the caravan park, but it is possible to continue along the path between the cliffs and the caravans. Halfway along you will find a concrete roadway leading down to the sands. If the tide permits, you can go down there and complete the walk along the beach. Otherwise follow the pathway along past the caravans, then down a grassy slope until you reach the Wansbeck. Now retrace your steps back to your car.
This is a 'there and back again' walk, so you can turn back at any time on the walk. Also, pathways continue up the Wansbeck, so you can walk farther if you wish.

Newbiggin beach



Newbiggin was an important grain port in the Middle Ages, then became a holiday town in the 19th century, attracting visitors from Newcastle and the surrounding mining villages. There is a maritime museum beside the car park, which includes a cafe with views over the bay. The museum explains the town's history, and how it was once the terminus for a telegraph cable from Denmark.

In 2007 Newbiggin underwent a multi million pound refurbishment, including the breakwater and the sandy beach, using sand from Skegness. The artwork on the breakwater is called 'The Couple' and was designed by Sean Henry. There is a smaller version by the promenade, which lets you see what the larger version looks like, without needing a boat. Apparently some famous London art critic described The Couple as 'tasteless, dull, idiotic figures of a man and woman ... placed, with monumental ugliness, on top of a gigantic scaffold'. Seems like an excellent reason to take a look and enjoy them.

Facilities on this Walk

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