The Location

A walk of approximately 2 miles beside the Wansbeck near Morpeth.

What's there

There is a poo bin beside the car park, otherwise it just a walk through a field, up some steep steps and through woods near a river.

How to get there

Postcode for Satnav - NE61 2YU - This is the post code for High House, Morpeth. The car park is just down the hill from here.

Starting from Morpeth town centre, head north out of town, then as the main road turns right to go up Pottery Bank, turn left down the B6343 signposted for Mitford. Drive along this road out of Morpeth and over a small bridge over the Wansbeck. About 250m past the bridge, take a left hand turn up a small side road and after about 50m you will see a small car park on the right.

The Walk

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Go through the small gate by the car park and head along a path between 2 fields. After a short while, the path goes over a small field and through a gate into a wood. At this point the path splits into 3 ways. The left hand path will take you on a long detour up a stream bed and eventually wind back to the top of the centre path, which leads up steps to the top of the river bank. At at the top of the bank, turn right. Follow this path along through the beech woods until you come to the A1 road. Take the path and steps back down the bank until you get under the road bridge over the river.

If you follow the path under the A1 bridge, you climb some steps and enter a field. Follow the path through 2 fields, then eventually it goes down to a footbridge over a small burn, then around Mitford Castle. Otherwise, turn left and follow the river bank back along to the gateway and so back over the fields to your car. It is possible to get down to the river at a few places and onto gravel beds, which is heaven as far as our dog was concerned. She would spend hours swimming in the river chasing stones.

Mitford church taken through the castle window


Mitford Castle existed before the Norman conquest as an earthwork castle. The ruined stone castle was built at the end of the 11th century and was destroyed sometime in the early 1300s. After 700 years of neglect, there is little of the castle left, but you can get a glimpse of how large it was from the existing ruins.

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Lots a pups -       16/6/2022 13.52
While kind of accurate directions should add that you should follow field to the right to pass through and get to the footbridge. This is a cattle field also and then you can no longer pass around the ruin due to private land and sheep’s field. But if you adventure you can safely let dogs off and avoid livestock