The Location

A walk up to Linhope Spout, a 60 feet high waterfall in the Ingram valley. This walk is not too dog friendly, as you need to keep your dog on a lead once you reach the moors. However when Linhope Spout is in spate after some rain, that makes the walk worthwhile.

What's there

The walk starts at the end of the public road in Ingram valley, goes down to Linhope, then uphill again, before terminating at a waterfall. There are no facilities on route, but there is a cafe back down the valley in Ingram village. The walk is accessible as far as Linhope, but is probably too rough and steep for disabled people beyond there.

How to get there

Postcode for Satnav - NE66 4LZ. This is for Hartside Farm, the last permitted driving point up the valley.
Head up the A697, which turns off the A1 just north of Morpeth. After about 23 miles you come to Powburn village, pass through the village then turn left about a mile further up, signposted Breamish valley and Ingram. Follow this road for about 3 miles to Ingram village, then another 2 miles or so up a narrow, single track road until you see a sign that says no cars beyond this point. Turn your car around, then park on the verge on the right. Best to make an early start as this place gets very busy in good weather. We got there about 9.00, no other cars. By 11.00 there was no more spaces.

The Walk

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The path to Linhope Spout is well signposted, but head straight up the road to Linhope from the parking area, past the farm. After you pass Hartside farm, the road goes downhill and you will see Linhope below. Walk right down to Linhope and over the bridge, where you will see some fine old estate houses. Take the left hand turn just past the estate house, then turn right by the side of a wood into a field.

Follow the stony path uphill, then take a footpath on the right. Now you are on moorland, where the Estate requests that you keep your dog on a lead to protect the grouse. Further up you will see a confusing signpost that says 'no dogs' and 'keep your dog on a lead'. This is a public footpath and dogs are allowed on it, but cannot roam freely on the moors.
Walk along the grassy path for quite some way until you see a signpost directing you down a steep path through bracken.
One short stretch of this path is very steep and rocky, so care is needed here. The path then leads into a grassy area with the spout at the far end. The best place to view the waterfall is from these rocks below it, but it is not an easy scramble down. We visited Linhope Spout in July 2023 after weeks of rainy weather. We just retraced our steps back to the car, but you will see quite a few footpaths leading off this one, which are doubtless well worth exploring.

Linhope Spout


If you go for a coffee at Ingram cafe, you will see an excellent exhibition of the history of the Ingram valley, or the Breamish valley as it is sometimes called.
Visit the cafe to see the full story, but in brief: People first appeared in the valley about 10,000 years ago, hunting the abundant wildlife. 2,000 years later, farmers appeared, then, as the climate cooled down and became wetter, the valley was prone to floods. At this time the hill forts appeared. The Romans made little impression in Ingram, but as the Scottigh and English nations formed, the valley was caught up in the constant border conflicts and became unpopulated, until things settled down in the 17th century.

Linhope Estate is owned by Lord Percy, and is supposed to be one of the best grouse moors in the country. In more recent times Vera Stanhope, aka Brenda Blethyn was up at Linhope Spout solving a murder.

Facilities on this Walk (in Ingram)

Cafe nearby
poo bins available
toilets available

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