The Location

Kyloe wood is west of the A1, between Berwick and Belford

What's there

No facilities, just a walk uphill through a forest to a row of crags.

How to get there

Postcode for Satnav - TD15 2PE.
Heading north up the A1 about 5 miles past Belford you cross a hight point called Bamburgh Hill, then head down towards the Holy Island turn off. About 500 yards over the hill you will see a crossroads with the left hand turn signposted 'Lowick' and 'Fenwick' on the B6353. Coming from the north, this turn is on the right, about 1000 yards past the Holy Island turn off.
Follow this road far about a mile and a half, and come to another crossroad. Turn left here, signposted 'Chatton' andfollow this road up to the forest. About 100 yards after you reach the forest you will see a gateway on your left, with parking room for 2 or 3 cars.

The Walk

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The walk is easy enough. Head on the track uphill into the forest, and after some distance you will see a trackway that cuts diagonally over this one. Keep to the main path and head uphill until you reach a 'T' junction. Turn right and continue uphill until you reach the crags on your left. These crags are not too high, but appear to be a favourite with climbers. Continue past the crags and the forest opens out on your right, where you will see a couple of Chilean Pines, or Monkey Puzzle trees, planted among the firs.
The OpenStreetMap that goes with this walk shows the tracks winding around the Shepherd's Cairn hill on your right, then eventually joining with the diagonal path mentioned earlier. This suggests a way of getting back to your car without replacing your steps, but I'm not convinced that the path goes all the way back.

Kyloe Crag

The monkey puzzle trees of Kyloe Wood are apparently quite famous. They were planted by a certain Christopher Leyland in the late 19th century and there are 'hundreds' of them in the area.

Facilities on this Walk

There are no facilities on this walk

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