The Location

Denwick is just off the A1, opposite Alnwick

What's there

A walk from an old Northumbrian village, through a wood that runs on top of a ridge, with views over to Alnwick and the castle.
No real facilities, but very close to Alnwick town. There are no stiles or narrow gates on route. I'm not certain that this path is permissive access, but you often see people walking along it without issue.

How to get there

Postcode for Satnav - NE66 3RE
Heading north up the AI, bypass Alnwick, then just after the road crosses the river Aln, take a left signposted 'Alnwick Castle and Gardens'. Turn right at the 'T' junction and you come into Denwick once you cross over the main road. Coming from the north, turn left on the B1340, signposted 'Alnwick, Denwick', then left at the 'T' junction.
In Denwick, the main road turns right and you will see a small road by the church on your right, signposted 'Unsuitable for Large Vehicles'. Take this road and park up in the village. There is also very limited parking space along the road by the woods.

The Walk

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If you parked in the village, then follow the road along past a farm until you come to the point where the road splits into two tracks (some people park here on the rough ground to the right). Take the right hand track that runs down past the wood on your right, and follow it down until you see a pathway through the fields on the right, just before the track descends a hill down to a stream. Follow the pathway down through the fields until you reach the river Aln. Turn right here and follow the river path for a short distance until you see a gateway into the woods on your right. Go through the gateway and follow the pathway up the hill and through the trees, and so eventually back to your car.
The short bit of river path at the bottom of the walk is part of the third walk in the Alnwick River Walks page.

Beech trees

History of Denwick

Denwick is an old settlement, but the village as it is today was a planned development, built in the 19th century by the Duke of Northumberland. It remains part of the Duke's estate.
In medieval times, the village was ravaged twice by the plague, and the socket stone of a memorial cross can be found about 400 yards NE of the village.

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